Let's Make Magic

My goal with commissions is to fuse your beautiful vision, favorite colors and personal inspiration with my dreamy style to create a perfect addition to your space. I have worked with both collectors and first time art buyers, so rest assured this is a fun and flexible process with the only goal being your happiness!

How It Works

Step 1

Reach out with desired canvas sizes and a short description of what you’re looking for. Minimum commission size: 16x16.

Step 2

I will get back to you with a price quote and a scheduled start date.

Step 3

To move forward with the commission, my studio will send you our Commission Contract.

Step 4

Once the contract is signed, we can move forward with your inspiration and discuss all the magic to come. We then schedule a discussion and or email about your vision.

Step 5

Planning the piece often includes reviewing inspiration images you may have sent me, discussing existing pieces of mine with the efforts of finding a perfect style, deciding on color palettes and more.

Step 6

Once all these fun details are reviewed and decided on, I GET PAINTING!

Step 7

Once finished, the piece takes about 2 weeks to dry, give or take a bit of time depending on the amount of paint, layers and edits.

Step 8

Each piece is “auction house” wrapped to ensure safety in transit and will be sent with tracking.

Step 9

Et Voila! Your dreamy new piece is on its way to you.

Let's Start

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